The Third Party as a Solution to Political Opposition Stagnation – The Purple Party

I’ve been thinking about all the political fireworks going on a lot lately.

It feels like a tidal wave of powerful energy is moving around at the collective level. I feel riveted to it, bordering on being obsessed. I know most of you have been feeling this as well.

I’ve been doing a lot of research on the deep state. Q anon. Trump stuff. The evil cabal that is behind mainstream media, big news channels, major newspapers, Google, Twitter, Youtube. Child trafficking.

I’ve come to have a strong disliking of the far left ideologies. They are irrational and dangerous. I found myself watching many videos and reading many articles against this far left neo-marxist totalitarian SJW mindset. I found many of these videos are by conservatives, namely, Republicans. I loved watching and listening to Candace Owens of the Blexit movement (having blacks leaving the democratic party because it is wanting to maintain blacks as victims) and Ben Shapiro – an orthodox Jewish Conservative, brilliant minded person who like Candace Owens, just rips up the far lefties through well formed arguments and critical thinking. I thought it that was weird that I was identifying with Conservatives/ Republicans because I’ve always identified with liberal minded people who are more progressive, “peace and love” types like my hippie self.

All of this is ignoring the fact that I am Canadian… but for my inner American… this is how I feel, and these issues are actually very vital for the stability of the whole world, while the same stuff also does apply here in Canada. Just different party names.

But then I thought, I am not a Republican, especially when I see some of them talking totally in favour of vaccinations, quoting the completely corrupted Pharmaceutically fraudulent pseudoscientific research that ignores just about all the facts. And really, there’s no consideration in the Republicans to listen to what the Left is attempting to do when it is not being completely irrational. But I’m also not a Democrat, whose far leftist ideologies are clearly moving us toward something unwholesome and totalitarian. The thought of Hillary having been elected is horrifying. Really dark that lady is, and her husband.

Then it dawned on me.

This is what ‘they’ want. ‘They’ being the ultra rich powerful elite evil cabal that want to be like God and dominate the world. They are trying to play one side against the other.

The left makes a complaint and the right retaliates with its own ideologies.

The cabal pushes the extremes, fueling raging fires of emotion and opposition. This is how they maintain dissent, division.

The far lefties are often coming from emotion. It’s wounded. It’s hurt. It is victim mentality. They lack critical thinking, become manipulative and hysterical.

The right says, “Ha! Look at them! They’re so irrational, constantly playing the victim card.” The right becomes judgmental and fails to hear the pain and suffering that the left legitimately is claiming, albeit in a rather unbalanced and, to the right, pathetic fashion. Important social issues that need addressing like ending racism, inequality get stonewalled by the right, who claims these to not be a problem but rather the fabrication of the far left’s vying for power. The left demonizes anyone identifying with any conservative ideologies and projects hatred onto them calling them racist, white supremist, misogynist, calling for their dismissal for office or whatever position they hold.

The right denies any of the left’s claims. The left dissociates from the right and wants no discussion, actually cannot even have any rational discussion, either voluntarily or irrationally choosing to be so identified with the victim role that they cannot help themselves but to misconstrue everything the right is saying. Their will would be to put a sock in everyone’s mouth that doesn’t perfectly and sensitively mimic their thinking. So the nation and the world is divided. There is no progress. The only thing that progresses is the divide. This is leading the country and the world toward civil war. “One brother wore blue. One brother wore grey” are the lyrics of Shel Silverstein’s Civil War song about the first civil war. This civil war would be more like, “One sister/brother wore blue. One brother/sister wore red.”

In simple terms, the left seems to be highly feminine and the right highly masculine. Note, these are energies, that live in all people, not gender identifications. All of my studies in Kabbalah, alchemy, astrology, Traditional Chinese medicine, and Yoga have clearly demonstrated the need for balance, as the Whole is a much greater sum of its polar opposites. The union of the sun and the moon, balance of Yin and Yang. The masculine and feminine unite to make the child, symbolic of Christ, Krishna, the Philosopher’s Stone union of opposites. Harmony, healing, and Love live in the balance.

I don’t know exactly what is happening these days. I don’t know if Q anon is really communicating some truly hopeful happenings in the White House. I hope so but I am open to the possibility that he might just be another clever part of a plan to forward division. But I don’t know. It almost seems too good to be true. And as sad as this may sound, I’ve found that most things, when they appear too good to be true, they tend not to be. All I know, without a doubt, is that this division, not listening or hearing the other side, is not a good thing.

I know that talking about things openly, with a willingness to listen to the other side, is crucially important, even if agreement and consensus is not an immediate result. The hidden powers that be, (I call them the Con Trolls) brilliantly manipulate both sides of the equation to stand in opposition to each other. This assures that we do not progress. It also sets us up for great civil unrest and war, which is what they want. Then they can swoop in with The Solution. Their Solution, which, if you’ve done any digging around at all doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out is; One World Order. Total surveillance. No freedom of expression, speech or individuality. 1984 in the House. Any dissenters are eliminated, either through prison or…

The Better Solution is listening to each other, considering closely what the other says even if it is not what you’re accustomed to thinking.  

The Better Solution is the fine line between Left and Right, borrowing the good from both, letting the extremes fall away.

The solution is Love. It has to be. We’ll get there one way or another, whether it is now in wisdom and peace, or in the aftermath of all the corpses that get piled up until we figure out how we’ve all been manipulated into taking strong stances in our political views against the other side. Against is what they want. It doesn’t matter what you are against or for what reason, just that you are against something.

Love is the language that unites peoples of different colour, religion, gender, even if it means not yet arriving in agreement about all the details. We don’t need to agree. We just need to allow others to be as they choose to be, provided they are not forcefully crossing others’ boundaries.

Love takes care of political strife, social injustice, and extremism, because it is inclusionary while allowing for differences, while the Con Trolls, serving the dissolution of Love and true values, wants to have these opposing parties not listening, even silencing each other, and stonewalling any real progress, while it moves us to zombie hive mentality where we all have to think and act the same.  

The Third Party is the blend of Left and Right.

It’s Red and Blue, feminine and masculine, in harmony. Call it the Purple Party.

The Third Party is the Better Solution. The amazing part about the Third Party is that it can live on the Left, or the Right, as Republican or Democrat, just no extremism. Just open to what is most important for all people. Putting aside differences to address the immediate urgency of the world going up in flames, which is caused by division. In a way, it doesn’t even matter how the Better Solution of the Third Party is carried out in the world, or what that will look like, only that it stands for unity, inclusiveness, listening to each other. That is healing.

The Third Party is Love.

Shalom Aleichem. Salaam Alaikum. Peace be with You.

Dr. Moshe

A Universal Jew, Kabbalist, huge fan of Yeshua, Moshe Daniel Block (aka Dr. Moshe) is like a Da Vinci of our times. He's a Naturopathic doctor, Homeopath, Musician, Author, Inventor, and Hermeticist. He graduated from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2000 and then completed the Homeopathic Master Clinician Course (HMC) in 2003. Dr. Moshe is also the author of the inspiring books: Holistic Counseling -Introducing the Vis Dialogue (2016), The Revolution of Naturopathic Medicine (2004), and The Last Four Books of Moses on Kabbalah (2004). He is the inventor of the moe-joe cell, an alternative fuel-cell and energy healing device. He was personally diagnosed with myasthenia gravis in 1995, a potentially fatal autoimmune disease. He cured himself and has become a leader in mind-body medicine, teaching other health care practitioners in his popular course Holistic Counseling. He is the creator of the folk-rock music album The Psalngs of Solomon and is the founder of the website

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Dr. Moshe

A Universal Jew, Kabbalist, huge fan of Yeshua, Moshe Daniel Block (aka Dr. Moshe) is a Naturopathic doctor, Homeopath, Musician, Author, Inventor, and Hermeticist.