What We’re About Here: Messianic Kabbalah

What We’re About Here

song clip from The Psalng of Solomon by Dr. Moshe

Bringing you Kabbalah with the heart of Yeshua

Jewish mysticism and without the schism

Tree of Life Ideals Practical and Real

Ending Yetzir Hora Unravelling code of Torah

Muslim and Christian I am brothers with them

Hindu and Buddhist all truths I’ll include in this

End of Times destiny into a world of unity

Take my hand come with me, I’ll reveal the mystery

You’re Jewish and have always wondered about the famous Jew Jesus aka Yeshua and whenever you’ve asked any of your fellow Jews about him (or didn’t, out of fear of being shunned) you were met with silence, ignorance, sarcasm, or knee-jerk ages-old zombie reactions against Yeshua. This website is for you. We’ll have discussions, debates, and open up the forbidden subject with gentleness, patience, and grace for all sides of the story. We’ll tell tales of shunning and inclusion. We’ll learn from our mistakes and reinvent the aspects of ourselves that ain’t worked out so well historically, globally.

You’re Christian and are interested in Jewish mysticism but felt there was an important element missing (in all of the Jewish Kabbalah teachings), rendering them interesting, exciting, yet falling short of being totally enrapturing and inspiring.  That element missing is Yeshua, his heart, his love and all the wisdom that emerges from heart-centred Kabbalistic knowledge. Like Iron-Man’s arc reactor, Christ / Yeshua is the power source behind Messianic Kabbalah. Sitting right in Tiferet in the Tree of Life, this energy center is the Sun/Son that illuminates obscure teachings of Kabbalah, making them not only more comprehensible, but more practical, usable, identifiable within each of us.

You’re a human being and are passionate about spiritual evolution, soul growth, healing, consciousness, and important powerful tools to help you along your path to becoming your highest self, your truest self – Christ consciousness. Here, we love God and His/Her great teachers, leaders, avatars, and we even love the manifestations of religion that have spawned from these divinely inspired messengers, but we aim to stay clear of the restricting and limiting religious beliefs that have grown around the pure teachings of the Masters and that have come to stand in the way of Self-Realization, Self-Mastery, Christ-Self. We will even discuss what these restricting beliefs are for the purpose of freedom of being. We’ll discuss the motivations that spawned these spiritual traps and the path to liberation. Christ is the Way, but he is not the only way. And although he is the One, he is not the only One. We will expound on subjects such as this further to leave no question unanswered in any confused minds that get bobbled around in today’s ocean of extremes filled with confident atheists and dogmatic preachers.

Here is an inspired bunch who leave no spiritual rock unturned, no corner of truth unexplored, inside and out, who traveled the world’s seas and skies, sampled from multitudinous cultures’ spiritual lore and have found an Universal essence that has brought forth a delicious, nourishing chapatti latke pizza to feed a hungry soul. Like mixed breeds of dogs mating, we’ve taken the best genetic material of spiritual teachings, and dispensed with those characteristics that cause the mutts to fight for territory and to kill for God. We are strong and secure in our awareness, and as such, are open to debate, disagreement, discussion but uninterested in hearing hatred and addressing attacks.

This site is Messianic Kabbalah and Jewish mystical teachings with the Heart of Christ, and yet, it is not just about Christ. It’s about the Universe. All that is. It’s about you, human, child of God. It’s about the steps taken in the End of Days, crossing the threshold, ascension, Self-realization and what the Self involves. It’s about the Law of One, what that is and how each of us embodies that. It’s about us, a collective movement of striving souls, Jew, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Yogic, Pagan, loving up on each other, and speaking the Universal Language we can all understand and which has no words.

I leave you now with a song from my album The Psalngs of Solomon that really exemplifies the spirit of of Messianic Kabbalah and this blog.

Nutopian International Anthem Song

click to play.

song title by John Lennon – words and music by Dr. Moshe

People of Every Nation,

Let’s tune into one central station,

And agree upon unification,

At last in Imagine Nation

People of the Earth Unite,

And stand up for what is right,

What is right is the sound,

As the Language Lost is found.

Co-operation brings us back to Source,

Only One Law and everyone’s free of course,

It’s the heart of our core, we share as our centre,

And Love is the Language found again on Earth.

Chorus 1
Imagine Now! And hear the drum

We’re so allowed in this World Begun

    It’s up to us,  Of course we can

    We call ourselves Nutopian


All the colours of the spectrum,

Shining free as we accept ‘em,

Brothers from other Mother Lands,

Beta Males in our VunDer Land,

One Dear Land Dunka Shein,

Toda Raba and Tikrameh,

Gracias domo

Mm Tsai ha hey and bienvenue.

And our  sisters from other mysteries,

Good apples of equality,
Like children of the same equation,

One and one and one is free in Every Nation

Chorus 2

Each part is greater when In the sum

We’ve worked so hard For this World to Come.

The time begins, As we take in,

Our World as Nu Now Imagine!


A Flag of Peace for Earth’s Nu Nation,
We say goodbye to devastation,
Ending the war with Abundant C,
And Zero Point for Free Energy.

Here’s the third option for a President,
The Third Temple with an open tent,
Shalom & Salaam Alaikum,
Welcome in Sons of Abraham.

Down on a knee or  standing tall,
Buddha full voices one for All,
The Cross is bright in David’s Star Now,
As the Crescent Moon lights the Way of Tao.

Chorus III

Imagine Now
And hear the drum
We’re so allowed
In this World Begun
It’s up to us,
Of Course we Can,
We call ourselves


Forgiving the past as we live and learn

Our Creator smiles for the Return

So let’s begin the celebration

Cause we’re standing on Creation

Chorus IV

Each part is greater
When in the sum
We’ve worked so hard
For this World to Come
The time begins,
As we take in,
Our World as Nu
Now is Imagine!

Shalom Aleichem. Salaam Alaikum. Peace be with You.

Dr. Moshe

A Universal Jew, Kabbalist, huge fan of Yeshua, Moshe Daniel Block (aka Dr. Moshe) is like a Da Vinci of our times. He's a Naturopathic doctor, Homeopath, Musician, Author, Inventor, and Hermeticist. He graduated from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2000 and then completed the Homeopathic Master Clinician Course (HMC) in 2003. Dr. Moshe is also the author of the inspiring books: Holistic Counseling -Introducing the Vis Dialogue (2016), The Revolution of Naturopathic Medicine (2004), and The Last Four Books of Moses on Kabbalah (2004). He is the inventor of the moe-joe cell, an alternative fuel-cell and energy healing device. He was personally diagnosed with myasthenia gravis in 1995, a potentially fatal autoimmune disease. He cured himself and has become a leader in mind-body medicine, teaching other health care practitioners in his popular course Holistic Counseling. He is the creator of the folk-rock music album The Psalngs of Solomon and is the founder of the website Messianic-Kabbalah.com

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Dr. Moshe

A Universal Jew, Kabbalist, huge fan of Yeshua, Moshe Daniel Block (aka Dr. Moshe) is a Naturopathic doctor, Homeopath, Musician, Author, Inventor, and Hermeticist.